Few important points to note for new pricing model

Points to note:

- All users who are not on a paid subscription will be shifted to the per deployment pricing on 1st of October 2023. Either you cancel your old subscription before 29th september or you can wait for old plan to expire in order to migrate to new pricing model automatically.

- If you wish to have NFO and MCX stratgies running at the same time without having to pause the strategies you can select 'first trade after' as 6 hours and 30 mins or exchange open in advanced settings. Now, Your strategy will remain active during NSE market hours and won't be counted as a new running deployment.

- When you deploy the MCX strategy for the first time make sure you do it after after 3:31 PM else it is possible that it will be counted as a new deployment.

- Ensure Universal Exit for intraday NSE Strategies happens before 3.30 PM and the MCX begins execution after 3.30 PM. In case your universal exit triggers at 3.30PM and MCX takes an entry at the same time, you  will be charged for the NSE and MCX running deployment. One workaround is to keep 'first trade after' as 6 hours and 35 mins or exchange open in advanced settings for MCX or CDS strategies.

- If your deployment is paused, wait for the running count to reduce before deploying a new strategy/activating the same. If you deploy/ reactivate before the running counter is reduced you will be charged 15 rs extra.

- When you transfer wallet credits to another user, please note that strategies won't be unblocked automatically. You'll need to manually unblock them. The process to do so is shared in the video below.

- If you are on a 'plan' based subscription you can deploy a strategy only on the exchange you have a subscription for. (eg: On starter NSE plan you can only deploy an NSE strategy. If you try to deploy an MCX/CDS strategy you will not be allowed to deploy)

Please check this video for in depth understanding -

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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