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How to Paper Trade your own created Strategy on Tradetron?

First, Go to “Strategies Section” and Click on “Create” as shown in the image below:

Now you are on “Create” Strategy Page, as shown in the image below

You can refer to our Youtube Channel,where we have uploaded Full Strategy creation video Tutorials as well as all important videos related to different keywords and strategies, all at one place. I am hopeful it will help you clear the doubts. Also, our support will surely assist you in case you have some doubts.

Tradetron Youtube Channel Link:

Tradetron Strategy Creation Video Playlists:

Also you can refer to our “Keyword Documentation” to undertand usage of different types of keywords to create your strategy:

You can also refer to our blogs:

And you can also refer to our QNA section:

On the Right hand side in front of your newly created strategy, you will find a option to “Deploy” the strategy as shown in the image below:

Once you click on Deploy a new window will open as shown in the image below:
Please note:
For Paper Trading: Settings should be as follows:

Select Execution Type: Paper Trading.
NFO Broker: TT Paper Trading.

Your Paper Trading Deployment is now complete:
Now please go to “Deployed” Page. Here you will see that the strategy has been deployed in “Paper Trading” mode and is in “Active” Status
Now, the strategy is ready to take trades as and when the Entry condition satisfies.

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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