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Best Practices to avoid Error-Executions

Best Practices to avoid Error Execution are as follows:

Maintain sufficient funds in your broking account: Margin shortfall is one of the main reasons of order placement going into Error-Execution.
If you are using “Marketplace” strategies, kindly take an update from the strategy creator with regards to the type of instruments or positions being taken by the strategy and the margin required for trading the same.

Please reconfirm the margin requirements with your broker for the similar trading positions and accordingly maintain sufficient funds for the same.

Token Generation: If your broker requires token to be generated everyday, then please make sure that the process of Token generation is completed before 9.00 am i.e. before the market open to avoid error in execution.

Check this article for more details
How to generate token

Managing manually exited positions

Traders sometimes manually exit the positions from their broker terminal directly and not through Tradetron. This is not a good practice. Please note that these type of manually taken trades do not get recorded in Tradetron. So there is a possibility that Tradetron will execute further orders as per logic if the positions are still active as per Tradetron Dashboard/Deployed page. To avoid this, you can follow the steps as follows:

When you want to exit the open positions directly without the strategy conditions being met, Please click on 3 Dots on the right hand side of the deployed page in front of the strategy name, and Click on Exit. When you click on Exit, Tradetron will send orders to the broker terminal to Exit all the open positions as seen on Tradetron deployed page.

If you exited the positions from broker-end and the status in Tradetron is live-entered, if its your own strategy you can shift the deployment from live auto to Live-Offline and then click on exit, so that the strategy changes status to exited and no actual orders will be fired as its live offline. Later you can update the price of the exit legs.

If its a marketplace strategy then you will not be able to shift to live offline type due to profit sharing feature, in that case, you can pause the deployment so no new orders are fired and you can click on exit after 330 PM and status will change to exit-pending. If the strategy uses MIS orders, the exit pending status will be cleared automatically the next day. If the strategy uses NRML orders, kindly contact chat support or email us at

It is advised not to square off positions directly from broker, if you want to exit, ensure to exit the strategy from Tradetron itself

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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