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How to resolve error execution

Steps to Resolve Error Execution

If the strategy is in error execution then the first step is to check the broker terminal if the position is reflecting there, if it is then the user can select manually completed and proceed, if not, user can click try again or select cancel and wait for a new signal to come in

Whilst Error - Execution status is on, the trading engine cannot process your strategy and no new positions will be taken including exit, hence it should be addressed promptly once you receive an error notification.

To resolve “Error Execution - Manage” issue, you can use the following 3 methods after clicking on “Manage”:

Try Again
When you Click on “Try Again” and click on “Proceed”, Tradetron will try to place the same order again, which went into Error-Execution, if the issue due to with the error was caused in the first place has been resolved (Eg. Margin shortfall, Token generation etc.), then trades will be executed again smoothly by Tradetron at your broker terminal.

When you Click on “Cancel” and click on “Proceed”, the current trade execution will be cancelled. You can either cancel the trade and wait for new trades to be triggered, which will be triggered automatically once you proceed after cancelling. Note that this can create discrepancy in positions as the order that you Cancel may be actually needed to be placed as per strategy conditions. Hence, please be careful of managing positions properly while exercising this option.

Completed Manually
This option is to be used when you have taken the trades manually at the broker terminal or if the trades were executed and then returned error due to some reason. This will give you the option to update the prices as per the trades taken manually by you in broker terminal. This will bring the PNL and positions in Tradetron in line with your actual positions in broker terminal.

Please note that all or either of the above methods need to be completed strictly during market hours only. If you do these after market hours, the strategy will go into “Exit-Pending” Status.


You can check the below video on the same which covers an example

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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