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How to use "Leg Exit" keyword on Tradetron?

Leg Exit Keyword

Adding a target and stop-loss to your instruments have become very easy on Tradetron using the Leg Exit keyword.

Select the leg exit keyword as shown:

Add your instrument name, set, condition and leg number and select your target or stoploss in percentage or points and assign a value to the same.

The condition builder will automatically fetch if the position is a long or short and based on the same trigger your target or stoploss as needed.

Here is how your final condition is supposed to look like. Feel free to use multiple leg exits to add targets and stoplosses. Your leg will exit once whichever condition is true first.

Leg TSL and Leg Exit to be used only if the entry legs will trade once, it will not work for reentries.

Video on the topic:

Updated on: 21/11/2022

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