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My Subscribers Page - For Creators / Creator +

The following topics are discussed in this video. Also, please refer the time stamp in the video description to go to the relevant section of the video:

Overview of My Subscribers Page
Description of Summary Bar: P&L Generated, Total Subscription Amount, P&L Fees Invoiced, P&L Pending Fees, Unique Active Subscribers, Live Deployments
View PNL made by each client on the strategy with Client Name, Strategy name, Deployment Type, High Water Mark, PNL
Filter By Strategy: Check PNL generated in Each Strategy
Using Search bar to search a Strategy
How to Invoice: Filter Invoiceable, Select Client, Click on Invoice and Submit
Generate Invoice Box: Name of client, Strategy, PNL, High Water Mark, Invoiceable PNL, Amount, Discount.
Note: Here you can give Discount in amount value.
Two Types of Invoices: 1. TT Invoice, 2. Offline Invoice
Offline Invoice: We can handle the payments outside of Tradetron.
How to make Offline Invoice Template: Profile, then Invoice Template, Your company Name and Details at the bottom of the invoice. Save and download Sample Invoice
How Offline Invoice will look to the User. “From” details are at the bottom of the Invoice
How to generate Offline Invoice to the client
Invoices Section: To check the status of Invoices. Tradetron Sharing Fee payment, How to mark Invoice as Paid
How to Unsubscribe all the Users of the strategy. Note: If there is an open position in a clients account, the client cannot be unsubscribed. Same goes for Blocking
How to Invoice all subscribers of one particular strategy
How to Delete an Invoice. Note: We can only delete invoices that are currently pending
How to generate regular Online TT Invoice and Delete the Invoice.
Can the invoice be changed? No we can’t change the created Invoice. However, we can delete the invoice and create a new one, but it will take the new latest PNL into account
Sorting / Filtering the Invoice section, Search by Client Name, Strategy etc, filter by number of entries
Check multiple deployments by one particular user.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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