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Why is the Paper trading deployment of my market place strategy showing blocked or in Error Execution?

Users must know that the Paper Deployment of any marketplace strategy has the same SID for everyone as it is just one single deployment made in our trading engine after a strategy is made public(Private link or Market place) and a new deployment is created either by Creator or any subscriber.

There can be 2 scenarios in this

In Error Execution

Paper Deployment of the market strategy showing blocked

This is can due to the following reasons:

The strategy took multiple simultaneous entries and exit in few minutes, which blocks any strategy. in this case please contact the chat or mail support with your SID and we will unblock it, but make sure you have corrected the conditions before that.

Subscription of the Strategy creator is over. The strategy creator needs to renew subscription

In Error Execution.

Many times paper trading strategies can also go into error execution, this generally happens when the strategy tries to trade an illiquid instrument. To resolve this the strategy creator can open the ALL DEPLOYED page of the strategy, scroll to the bottom then select clear error and update

Updated on: 13/10/2022

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