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Second Repair once not triggering after 1st Repair once squared off entry position

I am exiting the whole quantity with one repair once after that is triggered I want another trade to trigger , but that is not working.
I have a strategy in which I trade 1 lot CE in entry then when its SL is hit from repair once I want another repair once to trigger 2 lot PE entry for me, but that is not working for me

So the easy solution to this is to use a different set after you have exited the whole quantity from the repair once.
Let’s discuss why In Tradetron each set works in a way that if the total traded or entered positions are exited then the condition checking goes back to Entry Condition and the condition checking for repairs or set exit of that set is stopped.
Suppose you have a strategy in which you trade 1 lot CE in entry then when its SL is hit from repair once that 1 lot CE is exited. in this case, the condition checking just moves back to the Entry condition and only the Entry Condition is checked no other conditions in are now being checked, therefore if you are trying to trigger another trade from a repair condition of that same set then it will not work anymore.

The Solution
To solve this you can just use another set, in that set’s entry condition you need to check that the repair once on that entry set is triggered or not like shown below

This condition is sometimes throwing your strategy in continuous loops and it is getting blocked, then please contact the support by mail or chat, we will add a trigger that can stop that.

Updated on: 11/10/2022

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