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Expiry Fx in Position Builder: Different Examples of its uses

By default for options under Expiry section in Position builder, you have an option to select current week or current month.
If trading futures, you need to select current month as expiry

For selecting Current Week Expiry, use following in Expiry Selection:

Current week

For selecting Current Month Expiry, use following in Expiry Selection:

Current Month

For Selecting Next Week Expiry in “Expiry Fx” use following formula:

Expiry FX

Current Week expiry Keyword

For MCX instruments, Kindly select MCX FUT Expiry keyword or MCX OPT Expiry keyword appropriately

For selecting the Expiry same as the Traded Instrument in Set No, 1, Condition 1, Leg no 1, use the following formula in Expiry Fx:

Traded Instrument Expiry

Updated on: 30/09/2022

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