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How does overnight protection work ?

All the legs assigned in each set under this block will be traded 15 minutes before the time set by you in Last Condition check before exchange close and they will be reversed the next working day immediately after the time set by you in Start Condition check after exchange open.

This allows you to take hedges to your short option positions to protect your strategy from blackswan events without worrying about adding and removing these positions through conditions.

Overnight protection (OP) works as long as
the OP legs are of the same exchange and same underlying.
If its a API based strategy, you need to make a API call after 3.10 pm to take the OP positions and the next morning another API call after 9.20 am to square off the OP positions (an API call runs the strategy so only then it will be processed)

Limitation : OP works only if the strategy has 1 set

If you want to take care of overnight positions with help of a new set, you can watch this video

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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