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Time Keyword: Different examples of its uses

Please note, always use “>=” for Time, not “==”, because exact time may not get recorded due to condition check frequency or server lag, and hence the strategy may not get executed as per time condition.

Below is an example of correct use of Time Keyword:

To take trade between as specific time only:

For Eg: To take trade only between 925 AM to 930 AM, please use the below format:

Please note that we use 24 Hour Time Schedule format, so for eg: Time post 12 will be as
1300, 1400 till 2300 Hrs

For E.g.: To exit the strategy at 3.05 PM, we use:

Selecting appropriate Exchange:

Please note that its very important to select the appropriate exchange as per the strategy you ar are trading.

Examples are below:

For NSE Equity and FNO Segments, Use Time (NSE) as shown in image below:

For MCX, Use Time (MCX) as shown in the image below:

For CDS (Currency) Segment, Use Time (CDS) as shown in the image below:

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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