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Connect or Disconnect Alexa/ Google Assistant with Tradetron

The below article explains the steps to connect your virtual assistant, either Alexa or Google Assistant, with Tradetron. By connecting your assistant with Tradetron, you can access your trading strategies using voice commands, making it easy to monitor your portfolio and stay up-to-date with market data. The article provides step-by-step instructions on how to download and open the assistant app, link your Tradetron account, and start using voice commands to manage your trading strategies.

Here is a video on the topic that will help you:

The steps involved in the same are:

Download your assistant app on your device

Alexa (Android):
Alexa (iOS):
Google Assistant (Android):
Google Assistant (iOS):

Open the assitant app and use the following command
"Talk to Tradetron Algo"

Link your account
Use your Tradetron user ID and password and select sign in

Your assistant is now connected with your Tradetron account.

If you need to disconnect your account please follow the following steps

Open the assistant app and use the following command
"Talk to Tradetron Algo"

Step 2:Use the following command

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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