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What is hybrid mode in API OAuth ?

When a strategy receives a signal from API, Tradetron does not process that strategy for checking conditions. Only when the signal is generated will the strategy get triggered and positions taken. This is because the condition check and signal generation is happening at your end.

If on the other hand if you want Tradetron to process conditions as well (on a continuous or per min basis depending upon your setting and plan) , you need to choose the hybrid mode. In this case you can send the signal from outside via API and yet have Target and Stop loss exit conditions which will be processed at Tradetrons end.

If signals are received before/after take trade parameters in advanced settings, the strategy will still take entry/exit if conditions are true and will ignore/overide the take trades parameters. To avoid this, you can add time condition in condition builder to ensure trades are taken as per your desirable time.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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